FAQs - My Orders

1. Can I order a different quantity such as 50 or 150?
Yes you can, depends on the products unless you want 'plain stock' meaning no hotstamping is required, eg. Calendar/Diary - min order 100pcs inclusive of hotstamping/emboss.

2. Can I order different series of calendars but under one company advertisement? 

Yes you can, but however you need to ensure the different series of calendars shared the same hotstamping block size otherwise an additional charge will be incurred.

3. Will I receive proofs before proceed to print/hotstamp/emboss? 

Yes, you will receive an artwork requesting for approval prior to print. You're expected to check carefully and ensure all information is correct, ie. no spelling error. Upon your confirmation & approval of the artwork that we'll proceed to print. Any error hereafter shall not be responsible by Living Calendars Pte Ltd.

4. Can I cancel or change my order? 

Once an order has been confirmed no cancellation is allowed and if it does occur, your deposit will be forfeited. Yes, you may change your order with regards to change in different models or products subject to stock availability.

5. What should I do if goods delivered to me is not complete? 

If you have checked and suspected that your goods is not complete, please do not dispose any of the wrappings and leave the complete stock in it original condition. Immediately contact us with the details of the items incomplete and we'll investigate your request.

If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please email us.

FAQs - Printing Guidelines

1. What are the software that you support? 

We're working on MAC platform and supports the following software:
- CS5 - Indesign / Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop (jpg, tiff, eps, psd) / PDF-Adobe Acrobat Pro.
- MS word/excel/powerpoint – Subject to files format & convertible to pdf.

2. How can I submit my own artwork?

Submission Methods:

- Email for files under 10 MB

- CD/CD-R/CD-RW, DVD-R/DVD-RW, USB flash drive
Helpful Suggestions: 

  1. All files to be submitted in original working files required hi-resolution of 300 dpi at the actual printing size, ie.100%.

  2. Include a pdf for reference

  3. Convert all fonts to paths/outlines (if in a vector art program) or rasterize (if in a raster art program) to avoid font substitutions.

  4. Include all placed images in addition to actual design files (Links files). Most images downloaded from website are only 72dpi or lower thus not suitable for print.

  5. Convert all RGB & Spot colours to CMYK.

  6. A complete pathed/embedded high resolution pdf files is acceptable for direct print too.
  7. If your company has a corporate brand standards colours or logo usage guidelines please submit them along with your artwork so that we can follow.

3. What does bleed mean? 

This means when the printed image runs off the page. To achieve a bleed, the job will have to be printed on an oversize paper and trimmed to the finished size.

4. What are crop marks? 

Crop marks help the printer achieve registration and also ensure accuracy when trimming the job.

5. Why colours view on my monitor is different from the print? 

Commerical printing is processed through CMYK print wherelse computer monitors use RGB to display colours. As all monitors are calibrated differently thus we have to understand that there will always be variation from what you see on screen compared to what you see on print or even other output devices. 

Due to differences in equipment, paper, inks and other conditions between colour proofing and production runs, a reasonable variation in colour [within 10%] between colour proofs and the completed job will be deemed acceptable unless otherwise agreed.
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